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Oxford Works

Are you 18 years of age or older, willing and able to work? Willing to take and pass a drug test? Willing to commit to 30 hours of job readiness training and willing to accept feedback? With eligible income? If you said yes to all of this is the right place for you!

Oxford works is building relationships with Oxford-area employers to benefit our members.

What is Oxford Works?

Oxford works is a member’s only program that offers support and resources to job seekers that live in the Talawanda School District. To become a member start by signing, and attending our job readiness workshops.

You are not alone!

Our employment staff will work with you to address potential barriers to your success such as:

  • Past terminations

  • No child care

  • No vehicle/ driver’s license

  • Poor work history

  • Job-hopping

  • Criminal records

What is there to gain?

  • Job references

  • Mentorship

  • Job leads

  • Financial supports

  • Advice from hiring experts

  • Self confidence

  • Access to a network of local employers.


For more info call (513) 523-5859 or email: director@frcoxford.org

Transform your potential into a Paycheck
Finding a job in Oxford has a lot to do with who you know!
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For long-term employment coaching and barrier removal (transportation, childcare, etc.), the Oxford Works Program is proven to assist the unemployed and under-employed to seek a career pathway that is appropriate for their personal style and circumstances. Make the commitment today.