Dear FRC Supporters,
We are planning the grand opening for our new thrift store on Sunday,
December 6, and are in need of volunteers before then to help us move the
store to its new location. If any of you are able and willing to help, I
have listed some times below that we can use volunteers.

Sunday, November 29          1-4 pm
Monday, November 30        4-7 pm
Tuesday, December 1        4-6 pm
Wednesday, December 2    4-7 pm
Thursday, December 3        4-6 pm
Saturday, December 5        10 am - 2 pm

Please let me know if you can help any of these times. And feel free to
invited family and friends to come help too. We are open to volunteers
during the day, anytime, but we would like at least 2 at a time so they can
work together.