It's that time of year again.....

sharefest car loaded.jpg

FRC is  participating in ShareFest Oxford 2018.....


Come join the fun!

Volunteers sign-up links below...

Special Volunteer Opportunities May 16 - 22

The FRC is proud to be participating in ShareFest Oxford 2018! ShareFest is a service and environmental nonprofit corporation dedicated to the collection and redistribution of items donated by Miami University students and the Oxford community at the end of the academic year. Collected items benefit residents in need and social service agencies throughout the region. 

The FRC will be coordinating volunteers to assist with ShareFest donation pick-ups while simultaneously coordinating volunteers to prep and carry out the "May Sale" fundraising event. Please show your support for these unique community events through your service. Truck drivers and donation movers are needed for ShareFest. Donation sorters and  sales assistants are needed at the May Sale. Both Sharefest and FRC are using sign-up .com for registration. The process is easy and fast; an automated reminder e-mail will be generated. Based on your interest, please follow one of the following links:

Box truck drivers/truck owners and heavy /medium/light lifters should sign up through -Please type "FRC" after your last name when registering

Donation sorters and sales assistants should sign up at

If you prefer to sign up for a volunteer shift over the phone, please contact the FRC operator at 513-523-5859 x301 during social service business hours or at 513-523-5859 x5 during Common Cents Thrift Store business hours. 

Comment on ShareFest and/or the May Sale at FRC's blog.